Spongy Mural Painting

I have this huge roll of table paper in my garage and I have been waiting so long for a good weather day to use it.  I wanted my girls to be able to paint on it without the colors being all mixed and turning brown. To solve this problem, I decided to use foam sponges cut into 2-inch squares. I put one or two sponges into each color, each color having it's own container. I used paper hot dog trays left over from a birthday party.  These worked great because I could add a little water to the paint to stretch it a little. 

The only problem we really ran into was the wind, so I recommend doing this on a calm day. It was a little tricky taping the paper onto the garage door because the paper was a bit thin and easily tore.  The wind also  kept blowing over the paint trays.  Luckily most of the paint stayed in the tray, but we did have a little spillage. I also would only do this project with washable paint because even with paint smocks, we ended up with it between toes and on clothing. We used washable Crayola kids paint.

After the painting was dry, which was pretty quick, I was able to cut each child's section apart and put their mural on their wall.  Let me tell you, such a bright large painting really cheers up a room.  It looks great on their walls!


  1. What a fun idea, I have a huge roll of that paper that I got for free from the distribution center, i'll have to put it to use.

  2. That looks so fun. I would have loved doing this when I was a kid. I now need to get a huge roll of paper! Thanks for sharing this at my blog party last week. So glad you are blogging now.

  3. Really fun! Thanks for the tip about doing it on a calm day.



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