Fish is Fish

My girls and I love to read the book Fish is Fish by Leo Lionni. We love to see how the fish imagines the things that the frog describes to him as he ventures out into the world. We also like to imagine what other things might look like in Fish's mind so we decided we would draw some of those other things.   I pulled out some crayon pastels because of their vibrant colors and let the girls get to work.

Lou was so nervous at first to even start drawing.  She wasn't sure she knew how to draw a fish so she decided she would open up the book and  make her own copy of one of the illustrator's pictures.

Lou's cow fish

Maisy knew right from the start what kind of fish she was going to create. She created a potato bug fish using her favorite color.

Maisy's finished product of the potato bug fish.

Mina immediately started going to town with her fish creations.  She loved to use many different colors.

I love the way Mina's artwork turned out.  I have to say it is my favorite of all three...


  1. Wow! I can't believe Mina is already drawing people type figures. I wonder when my Grace will get there. I love it.

  2. Beautiful drawings! I love them all. Your kids are doing so well :-)



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