Glass Painting

My father-in-law, Grampa Mike, loves to drink out of jars.  He loves them more than any drinking glass he has found, and that is what inspired this project.  His favorite type of jar is the Classico Pasta sauce jars.  They have a square shape to them which he finds make them easy to hold, they also have measurements on the sides which he finds handy. 

I found this paint at my local craft store.  It came in a set with a variety of colors, plus it is dishwasher safe after letting it dry for 10 days - perfect for making a unique set of drinking glasses for Grampa.  The girls were very excited about doing this project for their Grampa.

Mina getting started on her jar

Lou has a plan - beginning with  U for the Utes!

Lou's project midway through

Maisy working hard on her jar

The finished projects!  It's kind of hard to tell how cute these are from these pictures since you can see through to the other side, but trust me - these made a great gift and a fun keepsake!


  1. I like these - they would also make great vases or lil keepsake jars! :)

  2. Lovely Cute Kids and excellent paintings. ;)

  3. I love the shout out to the Utes. What a daddy's girl she is. This is such a fun idea. I bet their grandpa is going to love these. Thanks again for sharing at

  4. This is a great idea! I'm sure their grandpa will treasure these!



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