Stick puzzle

We did this project last year and my kids really liked it, so I decided to try it again since they are getting older and their drawings are becoming more complex.  I originally got the idea out of Family Fun magazine and brought the supplies with us on a vacation for the kids to have something to do quietly while the baby napped.  All you need is a package of craft sticks, markers and tape.

Flip it over and start drawing.  Mina thought she should draw lines across the sticks.
She even did the same thing with her second puzzle.

Maisy drew a lovely Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Lou drew a beautiful nature scene.

After you're done with your drawing, just take the tape
off the back side and start playing.  I didn't know this
would be such a great counting activity for little Mina (she's 2).
She thought her striped sticks were just great.


  1. How fun! I have a box of jumbo Popsicle sticks put away that are perfect for this! Thanks for the great idea! I love how it even works for toddlers. :)

  2. Wow,I love it! This is so simple,and so great idea.Tnx for sharing!

  3. Brooke, this is such a cute idea! I would have never thought of it. Your girls did a great job on drawing. What cute artists they are. I had to share yours again on my blog this week since we are certainly doing this today!

  4. I would have never have thought of this idea. It is so clever! I love that your girls can do the activity at their own level and in their own way...very flexible. :)

  5. I love this! It looks like a lot of fun both to make and to play with.

  6. I LOVE IT! It is such a creative- higher-order thinking way to do art! You are going to be featured this week at The Sunday Showcase- Go Grab your button! Classified: Mom

  7. Not only is the puzzle idea wonderful, but I ADORE your kids' drawings! How cute :-)

    Thank you again for joining in with Kids Get Crafty!


  8. This is a great idea!! I can have my older daughter make puzzles for her younger siblings. Hmm maybe as gifts even? Love it!

    I hope you will stop by and add your puzzles to my link party-Pinterest Tuesday! I am sure other mommas would love to Pin your idea!

  9. That is a great idea! Even my kids would like this ;) And they are a tween and a teen :) Thanks for sharing!

  10. My husband does something similar with his students every year. They cut out a square from old Christmas cards and then glue the popsicle sticks to the back. When dry, trim the edges and then take a straight edge and cut apart the sticks. Fun puzzle.

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