Vegetable Printing

When my oldest daughter was 2, I had a friend who held an art class for kids in her house once a week.  In that class we did this project.  Take any vegetables or fruits you have on hand and cut them up how you would like.  Then dip them into paint and stamp them onto paper to explore the different shapes and textures they can make.  It took us a bit to get the stamping part down, they wanted to wipe the colors all over their papers instead of using a stamping motion (which really is fine, you just get a different effect).  It is a pretty messy project if you try and get the different sides and textures of the fruits and vegetables, which is probably why my friend did this project outside.  We did it inside, and again just used our washable paints.  Everything was pretty easy to clean up.  

1 comment:

  1. cute, i'll have to try that with Iz! Honestly have never tried paint with her, but I bet she would love it!



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