Celebrating Pioneer Day

In Utah the 24th of July is a holiday where we celebrate the pioneers arriving in the Salt Lake Valley in 1847.  To learn a little bit more about our pioneer heritage and ancestors we made mini covered wagons - an idea from Enjoy Utah.  While the girls worked on these wagons we talked about what kinds of things the pioneers were able to carry in their wagons and things they had to leave behind.  They also got to see a picture of one of their ancestors who came across the plains this way.  Hopefully they can appreciate the sacrifices these people made and know how good they have it!

To start, the girls painted some small cardboard jewelry boxes. We used this size so our tiny horses could pull the wagon once it was finished. I think it would also be fun to make one out of a shoe box so you could fit more things inside of it.

Next, they were able to practice their cutting skills to cut out the wheels.  Lou thought this part was easy peasy, but Maisy struggled a bit because of the smaller size.  She pulled through though and did it all by herself.  I did the cutting for Mina since she is two and is still learning to hold scissors correctly.

We had to wait for all that paint to dry...

Next, I poked holes in the wheels and box and attached the wheels with brads.  The girls added a little glue to each side of a piece of cardstock that was cut to fit the length of the wagon.  This made the canvas.

Lou decided she would tie her horses up to the wagon with some hair ribbons - clever, clever. (I ,of course, couldn't figure a way to hitch them up.)  Have you done any art projects to help your children learn about their heritage?

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  1. Very cute and what fun they must of had afterwards?!? Thank you for linking this post up to The Sunday Showcase!



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