Fun with foam

Looking for something to jumpstart your child's imagination and keep them busy for at least an hour? I recently found out something fun about foam from Art for Little Hands. It sticks to windows when it's wet!  I got a pack of foam sheets from the dollar store, then cut them into various shapes - I cut squares, rectangles, circles, and squiggles.  I put the shapes all together in a bowl with a bit of water so they were covered.  I made sure I laid down a towel beneath the work area to protect the floor.

 Lou started to play with it first. To begin, she built a little house with some trees. She kept adding on to it, and after about half an hour the foam pieces started talking with one another. Apparently they were part of a circus.

Then Maisy joined in and built the circus train.

Eventually, the girls started to put some of the piece back into the bowl because they wanted to play with them outside.  The squiggles had then transformed from clowns to mermaids and were apparently swimming.

Mina had no interest in playing with these, but it could have been because she was tired.  Lou played with them for about an hour though, before I had to stop the fun because it was getting out of hand as the hose came into play. 


  1. I like the shapes you made. I didn't make sure mine were equal so the kids weren't great with them. Gracie probably liked this the best of all my kids and she is the youngest. James spent hardly any time on it at all. I think different activities appeal more or less to each kid. That is why it is so good to do a lot of different things.

  2. The funny thing is, I used kids scissors to cut them out, they don't look that great up close. But it's so true about trying different things. Sometimes one of the kids isn't interested at all in what we're doing and that's ok.

  3. What a great idea! We have foam letters we play with in the bathtub, but I neverthought to use them on the windows!

    We are totally trying this next time it is too miserable hot to stay outside...

    (I can't login with Wordpress for some reason right now. :( I'm Gwen from Buttercup's Babies. Thank you so much for stopping & leaving a comment on my blog earlier!)

  4. Love the variety of shapes and sizes you cut! I am inspired to cut more to play with. The best part of these is, you can play with them in bath tub, windows, fridge, doors, dry erase board etc

  5. Very cute idea- making pictures out of shapes is so much fun! Thank you for sharing this idea on The Sunday Showcase!

  6. Very cool Brooke! I love the bowl with the water. I did it with a paintbrush and would not have thought of the bowl. Great idea!
    Vicky @



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