Make your own playhouse

This has been a really fun spot for my kids to play or to curl up in with a bunch of pillows and read a book or write in a journal. I found the idea in Family Fun magazine last summer and the girls are always asking for me to put it up.  The great thing about this playhouse is that it's very inexpensive and it's great if you don't have a lot of space since you just fit the fabric over an existing table.


All you need is fabric (I used a 45" wide muslin, but if you don't want to do any sewing you can find muslin in widths up to 10 feet), pinking shears (helps to keep the edges from fraying), and some fabric or permanent markers, and a table to slip the playhouse over.

Measure your table's length (A), depth (B), and height (C).  Add the numbers like this: C + C + A = the length you are going to cut the fabric.  C + C + B = the width you will cut the fabric.  Then you cut square notches out of the corners that measure the table's height (C).  Since I had a smaller width of fabric, I cut the length of my fabric (C + C + A) from one piece,  then cut the sides from another piece (C x A) and sewed them onto the sides.

After the cutting and sewing (if necessary), you can cut windows and doors where you would like them.  I left a flap that could be rolled up and tied ( although I never got around to adding the ties), but you could cut it all the way out if you prefer.  Then it is ready to be decorated.  You can let your kids at it or decorate it yourself like I did (I'm not too fond of letting my kids color with permanent markers).

It's probably easier  to just look at the picture instead of reading my directions!  It's easier than I am making it sound.  It took me about an hour or so - and I had really dull shears.  If you have any questions in doing this project, just send me an email.


  1. I have always wanted to do one of those I just am so reluctant to use a sewing machine. It does look easy however. I think I will try something like it soon.

    1. You might try it with Felt, and velcro and not need to sew :-)I am going to try with velcro so that it will be easier to disassemble and store :-)

  2. This looks easy! I love the way it turned out. I know my little guy would love this!

  3. this is sew fun (haha!) i wish i had a sewing machine so that i could make a fire station one of these for my little man!

    also, i would love it if you linked this up to my tip-toe thru tuesday party (it's open until tomorrow afternoon!)

  4. I’ve always had this dream of a small, homemade, wooden playground that my husband could add a bright colored shade said over (what he does for a living), for the kids to play on, and I’m finally getting started, eee! But I just adore yours .



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