Neighborhood puppet show

Last summer our neighbors hosted a puppet show. It was such a hit with all the kids - ranging in age from 3 to 12. And it was actually highly entertaining for the adults to watch as well.

The puppet theater was homemade out of some PVC piping and some large scraps of fabric. The older kids took weeks preparing their scripts for the show - mine didn't want any help, but also weren't at an age where they could write a script. Another neighbor girl took it upon herself to make out some invitations.

We don't own many puppets, but we have hundreds of stuffed animals - out of which a select few became the stars of my kids' sketches. Below are a few pictures of the entertaining evening we were able to enjoy together.

Lou's show resembled one of her favorite books - Kitty's New Doll. It was a fabulous performance for a rather timid girl.

Maisy's show featured several of the Care Bears and was simply hilarious.

The neighbor girl's show was completely scripted and well rehearsed. It was a terrific story about a king and queen who wanted to have children and had several funny twists.

All the mini sketches were imaginative, unique and entertaining. A fun time was had by all and was such a positive experience for the kids.

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  1. Makes me wish I lived in a neighborhood. So cute. Wonderful idea and a great way to get kids together and thinking of stories they can write themselves.



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