Pine cone creations

This is probably my first truly child-centered art project.  For some reason I just haven't posted this yet even though we did this at the beginning of June.  On the table I placed a box of pine cones, pom poms, feathers, wiggly eyes, assorted beads, fabric flowers, glitter, and plenty of glue.  Then I let the kids at it.  They could create anything they wanted to.  Usually I think they wait for some kind of guidance or direction from me, but this time I just wanted to see what their imaginations would come up with. 

 Maisy got right to it, she had no fear or reservations on what she was going to create.  I think she was just glad to let loose and come up with something totally on her own.  And did I mention how much she loved using glue?  Before this activity, I hadn't let Maisy apply her own glue.  And I guess she didn't realize glue needs to go on before glitter, because all the glitter was dumped out before any glue had been squeezed. 

 Maisy found a stick in the yard and decided that would be her little guy's arm.

Add another little stick arm and 2 pom poms for eyes (even though I had pulled out the wiggly eyes, no one wanted to use them).

 This was Mina's first attempt at glue also, it really had never crossed my mind to let a 2 year-old squeeze her own glue.  I'm not really sure what I was afraid of!  She had so much fun just applying the glue that I think she would have been happy with glue only on her pine cones.

 Then Mina carefully applied the beads she wanted to stick on her  pine cone. 

 The second time around Mina decided that pom poms were the way to go.  She covered the pine cone with pom poms - very cute an fluffy!

Being that Lou is 7 now and I have always given her some sort of direction or ending vision to work towards, she wasn't sure where to start with her project.  She decided to go with pom poms and feathers to create her little pals.

What beautiful blue eyes, orange nose, and pink mouth this little pine cone pal has!  With a little feather accessory on top...

This project was a great learning adventure for me.  I realized that I needed to let them enjoy the process of making their creations a little more instead of focusing so much on what the ending product "should" be. 
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  1. I'm coming over from Art for Little Hands Link Party and am your newest follower. This pine cone craft is such a fun idea for the kids. I can't wait to read through more of your blog.

    Hope you'll stop to say hello and follow back. :)

  2. It is sometimes hard to let go of your vision of the product! You did a great job of doing that! Thanks for sharing at The Sunday Showcase!

  3. Brooke, those are so fun and such a great child centered activity. My oldest has a hardest time with no direction at all as well. I think it has to do with age. Younger kids just have no need to please us the way older kids do. Love this. Thanks again for sharing at my art party.



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