Sock puppets with personality

A couple of years ago we made our first sock puppets.  We used regular old white socks and colored them with markers - hey my kids were so young, I didn't think we could do it any other way without it taking a really long time.  My girls have enjoyed making them in the past and are always telling me they want to make some new ones. 

Recently I came across some silly sock puppets from Quirky Momma.  I loved that they were made from socks that were not white.  I loved the use of yarn for the hair and the personality the finished puppets seemed to have.  I decided it was time to give this project a go. 

I gathered some Christmas socks I had in my drawer (originally from the dollar store), found some yarn and scraps of felt, and pulled out some fun beads, buttons, and flowers.  I had also pulled out a low temp glue gun (I found recently at Walmart for less than $3) so my kids could glue some of these things on.  I was planning on sewing some parts to the puppet, but ended up using the glue gun the whole time. 

 Lou is 7 and insisted that she cut her own fabric.  It worked better for her than I thought it would.  I'm actually glad I didn't have to do all the cutting.

Lou also insisted on using the glue gun.  Since it is a low temp, this also turned out OK for her.  The glue does get hot, but not so hot that it burns your skin.  Lou really enjoyed making most of the puppet all by herself. 

Lou carefully place the buttons and other decorations onto her puppet's beautiful green dress.

The happy first puppet.  Lovely green yarn hair with a flower bow for her hair, and a one-of-a-kind green dress...

 complete with bells, buttons, and animal beads.

I helped Maisy (who is 4) with the cutting of her felt and the glue placement since I didn't feel comfortable with her squeezing the glue out of the glue gun.  But she did the designing of her puppet, Sleeping Beauty, and applied all of her accessories.  She even found a scrap of felt that looked like a crown so we attached and decorated it.

Lou's second puppet Buttercup. 

I can't wait for the puppet show!  These sock puppets have so much personality - and with the hot glue I'm sure they will stay together for a long time.


  1. LOVE these. Like you - we haven't made puppets in a long while but these do look so fun that I might just have to give in! :)

    Thanks so much for sharing on the Sunday Showcase - hope to see you again this week!


  2. lovely sock puppets!!!you have used dark colored socks for it. this thing adds its attractiveness.



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