Spin art using a lid

I was looking for another way to use that huge roll of paper I still have sitting in my garage.  I came across this way to do spin art without a spinner on Putti Prapancha's site.   She used paper plates, cd's, and clear lids.  Not having paper plates or mucky cd's in the house at the time, we used some clear lids and small paper cups to do our art.  I laid out a generously sized piece of table paper, pulled out my Crayola washable kids paint and some brushes and let the fun begin.

 Maisy started with three colors and dotted her lid like so...

 Then she turned the lid over and gently turned it.  Part of the fun was being able to see the paint swirl together right through the lid.

Then Maisy went to town with some other colors, for some reason she really wanted to use brown

 Lou getting ready to spin her paint.

 The view from the top of the lid before the "reveal".

 Voile!  Every time the result was different and new.

Then Lou decided to see what would happen if she made designs on the lid with the paint and then try to spin it.  Well, it looked something like the piece you see to the right...

 Mina definitely loves the feel of holding a paint brush.  Even at age 2 she was able to do this and have a great time seeing what the result would be each time.

 Mina really loved to paint the little cups - not to spin, but just for fun. 

The end result: 3 very happy little artists.  I was able to cut the large sheet of paper up into 3 smaller sections so each girl would have their own unique piece of artwork on their bedroom wall.


  1. I teach 3 & 4 year olds and am always looking for new ways to teach shapes! And of course, they love to paint! Thanks! This is great!

  2. This is such a simple and clever idea! No special equipment, and awesome effects. Thanks!

  3. Very often you can find used salad spinners at thrift stores and yard sales. I found a nice one for $3.00 and it works great. But, going to use the idea of using a plastic lid for the paper to sit on the bottom of the salad spinier. Your work around for not having a spinner is good though.

  4. Love how you made it BIG!! And you inspired me to try this again with a sheet this time and maybe some acrylics that way I will have colorful table cloth:)

    Thanks for the link.

  5. Nice! Will give it a try. Looks so easy.

  6. You are so brave! I love how the table came out, though!! I am sure the kids loved it! Thank you for linking up!!



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