Christmas in August

What kid doesn't seriously love Christmas?  Well, my kids really wanted to play Christmas this past Saturday.  What's so great about this is that Dad was home and able to be in on the action.  The kids decided they would decorate our indoor palm tree so we got out some construction paper, yarn, scissors, and crayons.  Dad went to work cutting out shapes for the tree.

 I think he may actually be enjoying this...

 Maisy is getting to work on decorating her Santa ornament.

Mina is also hard at work decorating ornaments.

And Lou is busy punching holes and tying the yarn on.

 Of course it's Dad's job to hang the star on the tree.

 And the girls did the rest of the decorating.

It looks like Santa came!  It's a good thing those girls were able to get to bed in time.  I think this was the most stress-free Christmas we've ever had!  

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  1. That is so awesome! I love how your kids put toys under the tree, and how your husband got in on the fun too. What a great family activity!



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