Paint popsicles

Wow, it has been such a busy week.  We have been trying to fit so many things into the last two weeks of summer!  We haven't done a whole lot at home, but have been mostly on the go.  So finally the other day we had the time to try out some frozen paint popsicles I have seen on so many blogs such as this one.

I used 6 small paper bathroom cups, filled them up about halfway with liquid tempera paints and then thinned them out a bit with water and stirred until they were well mixed.  Then I stuck popsicle sticks and covered them with foil to hold the sticks in place.  After they were frozen, they looked like this:

I pulled out my big roll of paper and just let it lie on the ground and simply peeled the paper cup away from the paint.  Mina was so ready to get going. 

I love that she was able to try out the different colors without having them mix all together and just turn brown.  That seems to happen so often when we just paint with a brush. 

Lou made a short appearance and finished painting this little rainbow scene before I could even snap a picture of her in action.  She was gone within two minutes and back to what she had been doing previously. 

Since Lou left such a nice big picture, Mina decided to color it in - a nice red cloud... 

And a nice filled-in rainbow...

The thing I didn't like so much about the paint is that it turned out to be a little clumpy.  I don't know if that was because I added water to the paint or if it was just the freezing of the paint that made it turn out this way. 

Mina used every last bit of the orange and enjoyed chopping up the last chunks of paint with her stick. 

The beautiful masterpiece.  I have started saving these large sheets the kids have painted to use as wrapping paper.  Just another way to reuse.


  1. we LOVE frozen paint art! Isn't it fun!!!

    you should link this up to the sunday showcase too my friend - it's fab fun!


  2. I want to try this ! What a GREAT idea !

    ~~Miss Tami~~

  3. kinda messy,but kids will love to try this one,colorful one



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