Paint with water

 This activity is so simple and my girls love it.  All you need is a bucket full of water and an old paintbrush and they can paint and repaint as much as they choose.  I found that our local dollar store had packages of paint brushes and small paint rollers so I picked some of those up the last time I was there. 

 Mina really wanted to paint the kiddie chairs with water.  She started with one and just moved onto the next.

Then she moved onto the picnic table and chairs.  She did a lovely job. 

 When Maisy decided to come outside to try it, she went to work on the sidewalk at first.  She made a few faces with the paintbrush.

 Then she moved on to the roller.

 Then Maisy and Mina began working together to get the job done on the picnic table.

While we're at it, why not paint the house?  The possibilities are endless.  


  1. Maisy's hair is so long and so blond. Very cute idea.

  2. My girls love this too. I like the roller and will have to incorporate that into our water play.

    I am a new follower from the Sunday Showcase. If you have a chance stop by and say hi at

  3. Oh we love to do this - it's so much fun and no one gets messy - wet yes - messy no! LOL Here are the pictures of us doing this activity!

  4. How smart! no mess! will do when it cool off :)

  5. love this fun, no mess, imaginative water play!!!

    Thanks for sharing on the Sunday Showcase. Looking forward to seeing what you have to share this week.




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