Playing school

One of my kids favorite things to play is school.  They love to make up teacher names and student names and take turns being both.  On this particular day, Lou was the teacher and she said it was art time.  She pulled out everything she needed for her "class": watercolors, glitter, paper and glue. 

Aah!  Glitter?  OK, OK...I can do this.  I agreed to the glitter, but moved the art class outside.  A 7-year old should not be in charge of an art project that involves glitter inside the house. 

Mina started out with some nice colorful lines on her paper.

Then she added glue.

Then some beautiful red glitter.

Mina's finished painting - probably her first where all the colors didn't get mixed all together.  I love the streaks of glitter.

Maisy started out with a lovely Rapunzel painting.

Then on a separate piece of paper she wanted to do some glitter.  Of course Miss Maisy forgot once again that you need to put glue on the paper before you add the glitter, and it is not so wise to just dump the entire bottle on your paper. Yep - good decision moving this project outside.

This is how Maisy's glitter picture turned out.

Lou painted a person also (a self-portrait).

Then she added glitter all around.  She says it is a picture of herself dancing in the rain - LOVE it!


  1. My kids love glitter too and I confess to only using it limited.. outside is definitely a good place for it! And don't the water colours and the glitter look great together???

    Thank you for joining in with Kids Get Crafty:-)


  2. Love your ideas! I've included your blog in my list of favorite websites. An award is waiting for you if you're interested!

  3. ooooh glitter glue! so much fun!

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