Story stones

Lou's finished project - The Princess and the Frog
 I have been really wanting to do these story stones since I saw them on Art for Little Hands.  I also saw another version of these on Red Ted Art that we will hopefully get to try out soon. 

I started by introducing the stones and telling the children that each stone would hold a picture that would be part of a story.  I didn't give them any story line to follow, I wanted to see what kind of things they might come up with on their own.  They were so excited to begin!

We began by picking out stones from our back yard and washing them.  We already had a bunch of crayons without wrappers, but we unwrapped a few more for our project.  I placed the clean stones onto a cookie sheet and put them in the oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes.  Then I turned the oven off and left the stones in the oven. 

I carefully took a few stones out at a time with a hot pad and placed them on the table in front of the children for them to work with.  I told them that they were hot, so to be careful not to touch them.  The learned pretty quickly that, yes, they really were hot.  Even my 2 year old understood and it wasn't much of an issue - at least no tears were shed.

 Maisy picked her favorite color and just decided to coat her stone with color.  I think she really enjoyed seeing the waxy crayon melt onto the rock.

 Here she is working on her second stone - completely covering this one in blue.

 The girls' cousin was visiting our house this day and she got to work quickly making a butterfly (on the right) and then decided to coat her second stone with white.  She actually made two that were completely white - she tried to add pink polka dots (for Minnie Mouse) but the dots just wouldn't stay where they were supposed to go. 

 Mina went for the same technique as Maisy and chose brown to coat her rock - looks like chocolate.

 Lou was working hard on making little people on her stones.  It was actually quite difficult to do because the melted crayon had a tendency to run.  It may have worked better if the stones were a tiny bit cooler.  Still, she was happy with what she had created.

I did a few of my own - it was really fun for me, too!  I tried to mix some of my colors, but found out that melted crayon colors do not mix together.  Here is our complete collection of stones to use time and time again to play with or to tell stories with. 


  1. What a great collection of story stones. I love the princess and the frog story! A wonderful way to encourage storytelling.

  2. How lovely! We've got a few hot rocks here in the desert, I think I might have to try this. :)

    Found you via It's Playtime...glad I did!

  3. What a great idea! The finished product is beautiful!

  4. What a neat idea and a great set of story stones! I recently found your blog. It's great!

  5. Great idea! I never thought of using melted crayons. What a neat way to teach heat and melting properties. They turned out so cute!



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