Warm fuzzies

What is a warm fuzzy you say?  A warm fuzzy is something you feel inside when you do a good deed for someone else.  We decided we would make our own warm fuzzies so we could leave one behind when we did something extra nice for someone.  We got the idea here from the LDS Children's Friend magazine. To make a warm fuzzy you need just a few items:
  •  A 2-inch wide piece of cardboard
  • Colorful yarn or string (we had a variety of embroidery thread)
  • Scissors

To start, begin wrapping a long string around the cardboard - about 100 times will do so it will be nice and fluffy.  Cut the end off and slip the wound-up string off the cardboard.

 Cut a smaller piece of string to tie tightly around the center of the wound string, then snip the loops that were left on the ends and trim so it is somewhat even.

Fluffy up your warm fuzzy and you are done!   

Repeat as many times as you would like and fill up a jar - then find something nice to do for someone and leave behind a warm fuzzy!


  1. cute idea. Do you do this just within your family and then put the fuzzies back when the recipient finds them or are they things you leave for others that they won't know why they got it?

    My mom did something similar when we were little around Christmas time with manger hay. It is one of my earliest memories of getting things done for me by my siblings and not knowing who did what. Great way for kids to learn the joy of service.

  2. Laura, it has just been within our home and I can't believe it is actually working. So far there has just been warm fuzzies left around the house in areas where clean up was done for someone else.

    We just made these Monday night, but I think we will make more (they loved making them) and when school starts and they are having more interactions outside the home, the kids can give a report of what they did that day for someone else and we can fill up a larger jar. Then we can reward the entire family when the jar is full and go on a family outing.

    I love the idea of the straw, I think we may try that this year for Christmas time.

  3. What a fantastic idea! I bet they get all warm and fuzzy inside when they fill a jar! Thank you for sharing this with us on The Sunday Showcase



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