Block puzzle

Maisy loves puzzles and blocks, so last week when I saw this idea from hands on: as we grow I knew we had to give it a try.  I pulled out my blue painter's tape and I only had about 18 inches left on the roll.  That wasn't going to make much of a square to do puzzles so I had to come up with another way to make a boundary for our puzzle.  I found the lid to the legos which was rather flat and had a nice lip on the edges - perfect! I got out the blocks (they had been in the reserve toy closet for a month or so) and laid down the lid on the floor and let Maisy try to fill up the entire space.

She laid out all the big blocks first with the exception of the stop sign in the middle.  Then she tried to fill in all the smaller spaces.

Here's how it looked when she decided to take out a few of the larger blocks and try and fill in with some smaller squares.

Of course there needs to be people and bridges added to the top.

Here comes Mina to play with the new creation.  She went and found a bunch of people to add to the new town.  I can't remember now that I'm writing about it what they were all doing in a circle, but I think they had some sort of purpose. 

Then Mina decided to make her own kind of puzzle with no boundaries.  It's fun to see where she put the pieces that aren't a square or rectangular shape. 

Next time I think I will fill in part of the square myself and then have Maisy see if she can complete it without moving the other blocks too much. 


  1. Haha - we need to have a block puzzle link - up! Love the idea of using a tray too!

  2. We have that legos container too! I'll have to give it a go like that :) So glad you were inspired!



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