Cardboard Firetruck

This afternoon Maisy came home from preschool all excited about being able to meet a firefighter and see inside the truck.  She was absolutely ecstatic.  She immediately started asking if she could make her own firetruck out of an old box, luckily I found a couple that would work.  She wanted to paint it so I pulled out the tempera paints, a couple of brushes and rollers (from the dollar store) and let her and Mina get to work.

The boxes that we had were very shallow so I taped the top flaps together to extend the depth of the box, then did the same with the bottom flaps.  This allowed the box to become a foot powered car.

Before the girls began their painting, I drew a couple of wheels on each side of the box that they were able to go over with the black paint and then fill it in. 

 Then Maisy got to work rolling her red paint onto her firetruck.  At first she really wanted to do it with the truck standing up.  The paint wasn't going on as smoothly as she would have liked so she finally decided to lay it flat after a little persuasion - and observing how fast Mina was painting hers while it was laid flat on the ground.

 Mina really enjoyed rolling the paint on and she really completed hers quite quickly.

After adding a front windshield, Mina's firetruck was ready to roll.  She was excited.  I decided I would cut out some handle in the sides (not pictured here) for her so she could carry it a little easier, but she still just wanted to grab the top.

 Play is in full swing and the firetrucks have now transformed into a train. 

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  1. so much fun- my monkeys love to make cardboard box things- rocket ship was the last one.

  2. I am a chronic saver of boxes. I have one granddaughter who lives out of state and I send her "Mimi is thinking of you & loves you" boxes a couple of times a month. These "Mimi" boxes are filled with things I have picked up at dollar stores, craft stores, etc. She loves getting mail addressed to her. Our 5 other grandchildren live in the same city as we do, so this makes Rylee feel special even though we don't see her as much as the others. This is a terrific idea. I don't know of any child who doesn't love to play with boxes.

    1. Thanks for sharing! Kids do love boxes, especially filled with special things from grandma.



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