A different "spin" on spin art

Warning: extra long post ahead!  And I even cut out a bunch!

 I didn't know an old record player could be so much fun, but I saw this activity on The Educators' Spin On It and I knew we had to give this a try.  I just didn't know our fun would last for hours on end - and really is still going on because of the records we have pulled out and been listening to. 

Mina started out our project - we started with washable markers, but they just weren't working well with the paper plates we were using since there was a glossy finish to them.

Once we switched over to our colorful Sharpies, things really got rolling.  At first Mina just wanted to draw all over the plate even though it was spinning. 

Then she figured out that the record player really was doing most of the work for her.  She was loving this activity as you can tell by the look on her face. 

Here she is starting on her next plate - all before her sisters even knew what we were doing.  She learned quickly what to do if she was pushing too hard on the markers and the spinning slowed down or stopped. 

Maisy noticed after Mina had done three plates that we were having fun with some strange machine.  She jumped right in.

She is very happy with her finished plate. 

A couple things the girls learned while doing this particular project was that they had to take turns - which really wasn't too hard since it really was fun to just watch.  They also learned the pattern we were using to let them each have equal turns - Mina, Maisy, Lou, Mina, Maisy, Lou, etc...  Maisy kept trying to get an extra turn in between each sister, I just had to keep reminding her what the pattern was.

What to do while you're waiting for your turn?  Play the drums!

Lou came to join in and decided she would go all the way to the outer edges of the plate. 

Soon enough Lou discovered what would happen if she wiggle her pen a bit as the plate spun around.

Mina gave that a little try, too.

After about an hour of doing the spin art, the girls discovered the joy of records.  An old Smurf album made for some good dancing fun.

Maisy put the record on...

And my two oldest girls had a ball dancing together and getting some of that energy out!

Once we listened to and danced to several records, it was time to put the finishing touch on these cute plates. 

I just thought they were going to cover up the hole in the center of the plate, but Maisy went all out and decorated most of her plate.

Another of Maisy's creations.

Lou went a little more simple and attached a flower and pom pom to the center. 

Mina liked a cluster of three pom poms in the center.

These made a lovely wall hanging above the play kitchen. 

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  1. That looks like so much fun. I love it. I wish I had a record player. I loved ours growing up. We listened to the chipmunks music all the time and loved it. Both the dancing and the art are so fabulous in this post and I love how you displayed them on the wall in the end. Looks awesome! I've gotta share this post!

  2. I love the art above the kitchen. What a great touch!!!! Glad your kids loved it as much as mine =)

  3. Ilove how you hung them up over the play kitchen, wish I had a record player

  4. This looks like tons of fun! Now I need to keep my eyes out for a record player at garage sales.

  5. Ooo...those are pretty! I have a record player..but it doesn't spin. :( I may have to go get it fixed just for this!! :)
    Thanks for linking up on LINK YOUR MESS!

  6. i have yet to be able to do spin art - this looks like so much fun!!! I wish we had an old record player!

    hope to see you stop by the sunday showcase - http://momto2poshlildivas.blogspot.com/search/label/Sunday%20Showcase




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