Dinosaurs and play dough

What kid doesn't love play dough?  It really is a fantastic medium to create and play with, but sometimes it's even more fun if you break away from the usual play dough toys (spaghetti press, scissors, cookie cutters, etc...).

I've been needing to make a new batch (homemade is the best, it doesn't dry out like the store-bought) since ours had turned gray from all the play we've done with it.  I found this website which is totally dedicated to different play dough recipes and gave this recipe a try.  I can't wait to try some of the other recipes. 

One thing  that's important when you make play dough if you want to have vibrant colors - add the food coloring before you heat the dough.  If color is added to the white dough after the heating process, the colors will be more muted. 

Just look at all the fun these girls had with their dinosaurs, rolling pin, and some wiggly eyes!

It's so fun to see them play and work together.

Dinosaur tracks

What are some other fun ways your kids like to play with play dough?  Jamie at Hands On: As We Grow recently shared 34 ways to play with play dough - make sure you check it out!

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  1. Hi Brooke! Thanks for visiting my site. I'm following you along now, too.

    Great idea with the playdough and the dino footprints. Will have to try that with my little girl - she loves playdough too!



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