Exploring rubber stamps and ink

Maisy was at preschool and I really needed to figure out something to keep Mina occupied for a little bit.  I have a bunch of old mini stamp pads and a set of rubber stamps I picked up at the dollar store a while back so I let her figure those out.   Yes it was definitely messy, but boy did she have fun.

 At first she just wanted to stamp the little stamp pads right onto the paper, I think she tried every single one.  She tried stamping dry stamps onto the paper (no ink) and wasn't too pleased with it.  I had to show her that the stamps needed to be pressed onto the ink pad before applying them to the paper. 

So she tried the stamps a few times with the ink, but then went right back to the plain stamp pads. 

She even found one stamp pad that had come unglued from the base.  Oh boy, that made her giggle.

She loved stamping her hand print onto the paper.

 She definitely had a good time - reminds me that it's the process, not the product. 

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  1. fun! I save my stamp stuff just for my oldest. Maybe I need to rethink that!



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