Our version of homemade binoculars

Maisy had this pair of binoculars from the dollar store that she just loved, but you know what happens to toys you get from the dollar store?  That's right, they break - usually pretty fast.  Maisy's heart broke right with them.  So we decided to make our own so she could go on a search for crickets (she has been obsessed lately with finding crickets).

 The day before our project I glued together two sturdy toilet paper rolls so they would be ready for us to decorate the next day. 

I wanted to have the girls decorate them in a different way besides paint so I went with tissue paper, glue and glitter glue.  We started by tearing up different colors of tissue paper into small pieces.  I really thought Mina and Maisy would love to do this, but I think they really wanted to start the gluing process.

I put the glue on a plate and thinned it out a tiny bit with some water and grabbed some little sponge squares to apply the glue.  The girls began wiping and dabbing the glue onto the TP rolls. 

Then they began to apply their scraps of tissue paper.

Mina decided she would roll up a ball of yellow tissue paper and stick it on.  My first instinct was to take it off, but I held myself back and left it on.  I did want it to truly be her creation.

After they were done sticking the tissue paper on, I went ahead and coated the entire thing with more glue (like I would have done if we had used mod podge).  Then came the super fun part - glitter glue!  Check out that gob of glue.  I told her she might want to spread it around after with her sponge so it would be able to dry in a decent amount of time. 

So Maisy began to spread that beautiful glitter around.

Mina had to get in on this glitter glue action, too.  She had way too much fun with it - if you know what I mean.

After Maisy was done spreading around her purple glitter glue, she made some gold polka dots - they looked so cute.  I didn't tell her to spread them around this time, but...

Wipe, she did.  Well, that was my own fault.

After I decided I had enough of the glitter glue, we let them dry outside in the sun.  Then I punched holes and added ribbon for a strap.

We are ready to start hunting for crickets and whatever else is creeping around out there!
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  1. Oh Brooke, I absolutely love that last picture. What a darling. I love all the glitter they used. You surely have three cute glittery girls.

  2. Another great idea! She looks like she had so much fun! Thanks for linking up to The Sunday Showcase.



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