Dry erase crayons on the window

Afternoons can be stressful in our house as my oldest daughter comes home and needs to complete her homework.  She is the type who can't have ANY background noise, it really makes her agitated.  Coming up with a quiet activity for her two younger sisters isn't always so easy, this time I decided to let them try out our new dry erase crayons on the window.  They absolutely loved this - and I loved how it didn't stain their clothes like regular dry erase markers can. 

Here's a few of their drawings they were working on:

The down side is that the crayons break so easily - and I have a two year old with a crayon peeling and breaking fetish. Here's what they looked like after she was done:

Have you tried these type of crayons?  I wish they weren't so expensive!

What other ways have you used them besides the usual dry erase board or books?

1 comment:

  1. My son would just love these! What a great and fun art activity. I'm going to try and find some of those crayons.



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