Halloween costumes from our past

I would love it if we were totally creative every year with our Halloween costumes. But the truth is that last year was the first time I actually put any effort into making my kids' costumes.  Here are my favorite costumes my girls have worn:

Last year my two older girls both wanted to be Littlest Pet Shop parrots.  The costumes for "pet shops" in the stores were completely silly looking {in my opinion} and not worth the $30 they were asking for them.  Plus, they didn't even offer a parrot costume.  I had to come up with something on my own - and it really wasn't even hard to make. {The bee costume was store bought and worn previously by both older sisters}

 I found some hoodies that had the colors the girls wanted to be and used carpet tape to stick on cut-out felt shapes {for wings, a tail, eyes, beak and crest} to them. Then they just wore some coordinating leggings and soccer socks for the bird's legs. I think my girls were pretty pleased. An added bonus was that they were warm enough to go trick-or-treating in.

2 years ago Lou was a black cat {sooo simple and inexpensive!}, Maisy was a butterfly {yipee, another totally inexpensive way to go}, and Mina was the hand-me-down butterfly.

3 years ago Maisy wanted to be a pirate - not very traditional for a girl to be a pirate, but her grandma had this cute costume in her dress-up trunk.  Cutest little pirate I've seen! 

This is Lou's second Halloween - I absolutely love this store-bought costume. 

What do you normally do for Halloween costumes...Put together a costume with things you have on hand...Do you buy them at the store...Or do you {gasp} make them every year?

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  1. My 2 and 1/2 yr old son wants to be an Ewok. He's never seen any Star Trek movies, but saw the costume in a catalog and that's all I've heard for a month is "I want to be Ewok, mommy"!!! Needless to say, we just bought it for him!! Cannot wait to see him in it!!!


  3. They are just too cute! They look so happy in their pictures.



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