Halloween crayon rubbings

I've seen this activity in several places recently {although I feel awful I never bookmarked it, so now I can't remember where it was}.  I sketched some simple Halloween shapes onto cardboard, then went over them with hot glue to create a raised surface.  Then I showed the kids how to do "sleepy crayon" over the image {my preschooler is already a pro at this, but it was totally a new concept to my toddler}.

At first, Mina just wanted to color the regular way with her crayon.

I showed her how to lay the crayon on its side in "sleeping" position and rub, but she just ended up rolling it.

She got the hang of rubbing over the image with the crayon on its side for a moment...

But she decided she liked coloring this way much better.

Maisy knew right what to do, she did a few different images then was done. 

Then later on I discovered that they had a much better time just coloring in the hot glue images. 

Do your kids like to do crayon rubbings? 
 I thought mine would like it more than they did, but I still want to try fall leaf rubbings.  Maybe we'll have more success with that.


  1. Isn't it weird when something is kind of a miss? It's odd how kids can already be set in their ways. Haha. I bet the leaf will be better. They'll be rubbing over a smaller surface area with possibly more detail. If it matters, I totally love this activity and I would have had fun! Haha. Have you tried pinterest? Pinterest has helped me keep track of everything. I LOVE it. Oddly, the last several days I have been forgetting to pin stuff. I have no idea why. I'm going to be going back through my blogroll for the last couple of days to make sure I didn't miss pinning anything. Lol. If you aren't on Pinterest and are interested I can invite you. Just let me know.

  2. Joyce, I am on Pinterest. I don't think to add things though. Thanks for the reminder. I'm usually good at keeping track.

  3. Hey Brooke, I think it's wonderful that your toddler got to "explore" the crayons and what it's possible to do with them. Even if the girls didn't react exactly how you thought they would, there was a lot of learning going on. Great idea!

  4. I have tried rubbings a couple of times but they haven't turned out. Maybe I'm making the picture too complicated. Yours turned out really cute! Thank you for stopping by and reading my Dino dig post!

  5. We've done crayon rubbings this year too =) http://theeducatorsspinonit.blogspot.com/2011/10/little-hands-that-cook-with-books-lets.html Simple pictures seem to work the best and I have tried hot glue and have liked the smoothness of several layers of school glue better than hot glue!

  6. This is such a smart idea! Thanks so much for linking it up. I'm featuring it in my latest Five Fun Ideas post.


    Laura @ Come Together Kids

  7. This is a great idea Brooke! I have to try it soon.

  8. I would love for you to link this post to my Halloween Traditions link up! This looks like so much fun.



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