Marble Spider Web and Handprint Spiders

I recently featured this fun idea from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas and just had to try it with two of my girls this week. 

To do this project I took a piece of dark colored cardstock {purple w/ polka dots}, cut it to fit inside a cake pan and attached it with tape.  Then I added a few dollops of white paint.

Then I added 3 marbles to the pan and let the girls roll them around in the paint by tilting the pan from side to side.  This one looks like it's about done.  After the girls were done with their webs they wanted to paint this way some more - I see we'll be painting with marbles again soon.

While the spider webs were drying, I painted the girls' hands with brown paint and had them stamp their hands on another piece of cardstock.  Mina {age 2} did not want me to tell her where to put her hands, but somehow I was able to get her to do it.  I know I need to let her do some finger painting soon.  I confess I've never let her try that. 

 I traced a line going around the handprint spider so that Maisy {age 5} could cut her spider out easily on her own.  It was good practice for her to cut something with such an odd shape.  I cut out Mina's for her even though I know she would have enjoyed using the scissors {it would have been cut into tiny shreds}.

Then they glued on googly eyes to their hearts content.  The spiders were ready for their new home - we glued them onto the web and they were ready for display.

I wanted to hang these up somewhere and decided to hang them from the dining room light fixture.  I attached the two webs together so they were back to back - so fun to look at!

There were so many fun elements to this art project -  thanks Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas for this awesome idea!

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