Piano practice and money counting

My 7 year old daughter truly enjoys playing the piano, but getting her to practice her note flashcards has made me want to pull out my hair been a challenge...until I discovered how rewarding a single penny could be. 

Every time she gets the note exactly right in the specified time limit, she gets a penny.  Oh boy, has she picked up the pace - and no more dilly-dallying in between every card.  It used to take us close to 30 minutes some days just to get through 20 cards.  ...Now?  Maybe 5 minutes?  Maybe. 

When we get through the stack, she has somewhere close to 20 cents. 

I have her group the pennies into piles of five and I ask her how many nickels she could get, then I ask about dimes and quarters.  Before we started counting the money like this she was really struggling - she would even forget the value of a penny.  Little by little I can see progress and I'm so happy she is learning two things at the same time.  And she is thrilled she is getting so "rich"!  It's amazing the motivation a tiny amount of money can create.

I can honestly say she no longer dreads those darn flashcards, she has been looking forward to them every day for the past 2 months.  What ways have you found to motivate your child (and secretly have them learn something as well)?

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