Coffee filter and paper tube trees

We started this project way back on the first of October...

by getting the coffee filters wet and then painted on them with these bingo markers.

The girls loved to see the way the colors ran together - they made such pretty designs. 

Even the paper towel underneath was made beautiful.

I love the way the light shined through.

We tried to do a few without wetting the coffee filter first - they had more distinct dots,
                                                                  but we preferred for the colors to run together.

Once they were dried we had quite a stack of colorful coffee filters - they eventually got put away in a drawer.  Isn't that sad?  I just didn't know what we could do with them - I wanted to do something fall related, but couldn't figure out what.

Eventually - a month and a half later we took them out once again.  The girls got some scissors and began cutting them up into triangular shapes. 

In fact, that's all Mina wanted to do - cut, cut, cut.  She LOVES her scissors.

Once we glued and taped them to some paper tubes we had some little fall trees.  I like them all - Some trees are at a different stage than others it seems. 

This is our first coffee filter craft ever.
What have you made with these?


  1. Tape a coffee filters over one end to "seal" the tube. Fill 1/3 full with dried rice or beans (or beads or whatever you have). "Seal" the other end with a second coffee filter. Decorate the outside of the tube. You have just made a "rain stick".

  2. Following you back from the hop! What a cool idea!! What kind of markers are these? Where did you get them! They're cool!!

  3. How cute! I messed up last time I was at the store and got the BROWN coffee filters! Duh. I passed on an award to you! Check it out:

  4. You could do this again with the kids and turn them into snowflakes for the winter season. :)



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