Indian corn shakers - Hand on Play Challenge

I saw these fun looking corn shakers a while back on Little Wonders' Days - and today I thought they would be perfect for the 'Play with Junk' challenge.  Not too long ago we had done some very open- ended play with our junk so this time I wanted it do be a little more guided. 

We pulled out some paper tubes (we used 1 toilet paper and 1 paper towel tube cut in half) and our colored bingo markers we found at the dollar store.   The dollar store didn't have yellow - no worries, Indian corn doesn't just come in yellow and orange - it comes in a rainbow of colors really.

I don't think there's another medium my girls would rather use - they love these markers
and enjoyed putting colorful spots all over their paper tubes.  I made one, too, just for fun. 

Yes, those are bandages being used to seal up those ends after we put about a tablespoon of popcorn kernels inside .  I know it's not very conventional, but they were sticky enough and also the right colors (also from the dollar store).  They held up through all the shaking that went on the rest of the afternoon - until big sister came home and decided to chuck them across the room

Still, they only tore a little (luckily not much popcorn escaped) and I covered them up better with some clear packing tape.  I had also attached a little raffia to the top to give it the appearance of corn - Maisy liked the idea and Mina wouldn't allow hers to have it. 

Let the shaking begin!

Maisy danced and sang with them all afternoon. 

And Mina ran laps around the house.

p.s. I know I haven't posted about several of the other challenges - but this one seemed more Thanksgiving related so I had to be sure to get it out!  Check back for more 30 day Challenge fun.

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  1. We were going to make Indian corn napkin holders with little bits of paper like on our linky this week, but I like your idea of using the bingo dot markers. Much more simple. I am going to do that instead. I love the music idea to go with this and that you used band aids. So funny.

  2. I really love this idea! Please link it up to my Thanksgiving link up!

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