Junk creations

{Spaceship} Can't you tell?
Have you been keeping loads of "junk" to be used sometime in the future for some unknown art project?  My stash has really been piling up.  The other day I brought a bunch of it out and set it out on the table.  Then I called my girls down to  create with it whatever they may. 

Lou was so excited.  Can you see her face?  She kept thanking me over and over saying I never let them do this.  True, I usually have a particular project in mind.  I don't usually just set it out and say, "Have at it!" 

Of course the first obvious choice was to make some binoculars out of some old paper tubes. 

Mina was content with simply snipping away with the scissors.  Have I mentioned how much she loves to practice her cutting skills? 

 Can you tell this little snippet is a dolphin? 

Maisy taped these two sticks together and said they were chop sticks.

 Here's some more pics of their creating.  I just sat, observed, and took pictures.  I didn't suggest anything to them or tell them what to use - I just enjoyed watching them as they happily created. 

Building with craft stick on paper.
What do you think this is?  {I can't remember}

Acorn with a load of glue on top???


After sitting and watching for a long while, I decided to get in on the action.  I decided to make some sort of a ball drop thing-a-majig.  Lou was immediately interested and began adding to it.

Then she started testing it out with different sizes of balls.

And honestly, in this house we never get away with doing anything without coming across a face like this.  If life were fair, horses would ride half the time, right? 

But after all she did end up getting her turn - testing it out and changing it to her liking. 

And letting me know how it works.

And the whole time the fiasco with the ball drop was going on, Mina is perfectly content playing with her Zoobles. 

Linked up to The Play Academy.


  1. I love the ball drop idea! They have something like that at our children's museum but it would be cool to do it at home!

  2. Wow! Looks like you had a really great play and craft session. Wonderful when they just get to have a go and come up with wonderful things.

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!




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