Leaf nests (Outdoor play challenge)

Our weather can be so unpredictable - just a couple days ago it was snowing  heavily and we made a snowman, then yesterday the temps soared to around 60 degrees.  It was so beautiful out there, we finally went out and had some serious fall play time. 

We don't really have trees in our yard except for some small babies we have planted.  But it's been so windy that quite a lot of leaves have been blown into our yard from all the neighbors.  I brought out a couple of rakes and started to gather the leaves from the edges of the yard and made a nice big pile for the girls to come and jump in.  Mina came and jumped right in and was really enjoying it. 

Then her sisters came out and grabbed the rakes and decided to do something else with that nice big pile I had raked.  Lou decided she wanted to make her own little fort with the leaves...

Which really turned out to look like a birds nest. 

So then Maisy wanted to make her own nest, luckily she was willing to share her nest with Mina.  Actually the older girls were both trying to beckon Mina to their nest, but this is the one Mina chose first. 

While Lou was taking a little rest in her nest...

                                                                        The other birds were flying around the yard.

(This was the 11th challenge, although we did this one way out of order)
Are you getting out there to enjoy the last of the beautiful fall weather?
Or are you lucky enough to have this kind of weather year round?


  1. Lovely pictures! Would love for you to come over and share them at the Outdoor Play Party too!

  2. Your pictures are stunning & I love those big leaves. We had no trees for years in the school playground & now that we do I appreciate them so much! Thanks so much for coming over to share in the outdoor play link up.

  3. Such lovely photos! Indeed, kids love to play in the piles of leafs! Last week we went to a tree park (about 1000 different kinds of trees) but our youngest daughter loved the leafs the most (while we were searching nuts and such). Hm, will post some pics too ;)

  4. Thanks for linking up with us at the Outdoor Play Party, Brooke!

  5. I love the colours in your photos and the nests look so cosy. Thanks for sharing with the Play Academy :)



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