Maisy's tri-themed birthday

Last week Maisy turned 5.  Because she wanted to make it so easy for mommy  have the best birthday ever, she kept changing her mind on what kind of party she wanted.  So we ended up throwing her a Lalaloopsy/ Halloween/ E.T. party.  Yep, that's right {a little strange I know}. 

As guests arrived, they sat down at the table and began playing with this aromatic chocolate play dough {thanks NurtureStore for this fabulous recipe}.  I had cupcake liners, birthday confetti, and candles set out so they could play with and decorate their cupcakes to their liking. 

This play dough cupcake has buttons added - left over from the necklaces we made next.

After making the cupcakes we moved on to the  Lalaloopsy part of the party. I know many of you may not know what these are so I will explain a bit - they are rag dolls {of course made from hard plastic} and they have button eyes so I planned the craft around their button eyes.  I have tons of craft buttons - we just put them on a stretchy string to make necklaces and the guests were excited to take them home. 

Mina had a blast making her necklace all by herself - she was able to get about 8 buttons onto the string.

Maisy made her necklace with probably 25 buttons and gifted it to me {I love it!}

Here's Lou's finished necklace - she has worn it every day since.

To stick to the original Lalaloopsy theme, the party guests enjoyed some button cupcakes after the crafts and games{read on to see what we played}.  These were so easy to do - just frost the cupcake and add m&m's for the button holes. 

Don't tell me you've forgotten all about E.T.  Somehow Maisy has recently been somewhat obsessed with it and wanted  to incorporate him into her party.  We played pin the heart on E.T.  I think most kids like the classic "pin the tail on the ..." game {we had one guests who wanted nothing to do with any games}.  

To go with the E.T. theme I made this rice krispie cake for her birthday {we held her party 2 days after her actual birthday, so we enjoyed this cake with her grandparents on her real birthday}.

Now, contrary to what you may think this cake was so much more simple than I anticipated.  Sculpting with rice krispies made it so easy {and it was fun, too}.  In fact, I may quit making actual cakes - this was so much easier to get it to do what I wanted it to and it didn't fall apart when I tried to frost it. 

Maisy was pretty happy with this - I don't think she was really expecting to actually have this cake because I was so skeptical that it couldn't be done. 

Back to the kid party...after the E.T. game we played a couple games with some plastic eyeballs I had found at the dollar store.  We had a relay race to transfer the eyeballs from one bowl to another across the room {thank you Time for Play for the inspiration}.  We played this game twice - the losing team wanted a rematch.

We also played a game with the eyeballs where two people got on the ground trying to blow their eyeball past the finish line first. 

And with all these crafts and games - we were still going to have an hour left until parents were coming back to pick up their kids.  So we played 2 more games  - Witch, Witch, Goblin {duck, duck, goose} and Pass the Pumpkin {hot potato}.

Happy 5th Birthday Maisy!  You are one spunky and loveable gal!


  1. This is adorable!! Hope you link up on TGIF Linky Party =-)

  2. Wow, that cake is amazing! Will definitely have to try a rice krispie cake, I am definitely no baker and my last birthday cake was a complete disaster! What very creative ideas you have!

  3. Wow Brooke, that rice crispy cake is amazing. you should take up sculpting. I don't believe you that it was easy. I love all these ideas and like the new blog layout too!



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