Mixing our own concoctions - Hands on Play Challenge

Day 10 of the Hands on Play Challenge was to mix concoctions.  We had another little friend joining us this day and we had a blast mixing to our hearts content. 

Everyone started out with a jar filled up with some water so we could first do a little science experiment.  Everyone had to have a similar container - I started out with bowls and my 7 year old (yes, that's right - the oldest one) had a serious fit about not getting the one she wanted.  So everyone got a jar instead.

We added some pepper to the jars and everyone stuck their finger in to see what the pepper would do - it clinged right to their fingers.

Then everyone got a little squirt of soap on their finger and stuck it in the peppered water again.  The pepper magically resisted their fingers this time - no they were not very amused so we moved on.  I asked them what else they wanted to add to their jar.

A waffle?  Well, alright.  I went for a piece of bread instead because I didn't want to just waste our all too precious Eggos.  One of the girls put her whole chunk of bread right in, two of them tore it up into smaller pieces and dropped them in, and...

Mina decided she would rather eat hers. 

The other girls stirred up the bread in their water and it began to look pretty mucky as the bread dissolved in the water.    After  they were done stirring up their bread water, we started new again with some clean water - this time only filling the jars up half way.

And they began to add some food coloring.  They loved to mix the colors and see what combinations they could come up with.  We also stirred some baking soda to see if we could get another reaction once we added some vinegar.

It took more vinegar than I thought - probably because we started with so much water.  This green jar ended up spilling over though - finally a little more exciting reaction. 

Finally I helped them add a little bleach to their colored concoctions.  Mina watched as her mixture slowly began to change color.  Of course with bleach I made sure no one was putting anything into their mouth anymore or getting it onto their hands. 

Eventually, they all had nearly clear water once again.  I had everyone wash their hands off with clean water and soap just in case there was any bit of the bleach on their skin. 

They all wanted to keep going but...I was ready to be done :-) 

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