Paper tube marble run {fail}

We've really been in junk mode lately.  I thought it would be fun to make a marble run since we recenty became the owners of a lovely set of marbles - isn't that one of the most basic toys, yet we never had any.  Maybe it's because we've always had someone trying to eat small shiny things. 

I cut some magnet strips off of some old advertising sheet magnets we had and hot glued them to some paper tubes, but those magnets weren't quite strong enough.  Well, not the way I was gluing them on.  Once Lou got a hold of the {low temp} glue gun  she really plastered them on and made them much more magnetic.  They worked a little bit, but the marbles really were still too heavy. 

Solution?  Have the run go straight down of course - great job figuring that one out, Maisy.  Next time I guess we just need to bring out the heavy duty tape. 

Have you made a marble run?  What materials did you use?


  1. ahhhh...not a fail, just a creative solution!

  2. I like the magnetic idea so they can change it up and do it different. At the science museum here in Pittsburgh they have one with heavy duty velcro on PVC pipes. James loves playing at it.

    We have never had a marble run toy either.



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