Play Dough Exploration - Hands on Play Challenge

A boy's influence - a rocket ship!

Yes, this was the day 5 challenge and we just barely got around to it - but the point is that we did it!  I just needed to find that clever place I put my new box of salt so I could make a new batch of dough. 

This time I made this Kool-aid playdough recipe - I had mixed reactions to it.  I loved the smell and colors of some of the dough, but I really didn't like others.  Maybe it was all the different fragrances entering the air at the same time that put me off.   Ok, enough about me not liking the smell - the kids didn't seem to mind it.  In fact, they loved this dough and have played with it almost daily since we made it last week. 

I gave them some things to help them hopefully explore the dough in a different way than they usually do.  Usually my kids like to "bake" with their dough.  This day wasn't really any different except we had some play friends over (boys, that is) so it did turn out a tiny bit different because of this boy influence. 

Of course I love the rolled out birthday cake. 

And here are some little nuggets of some sort (I know what you're thinking, but this is some of the dough we made from Maisy's birthday party and it is very brown).

I brought out some rubber stamps to see if the kids might be interested in making imprints in their dough.  Mina liked to stick a bunch on and leave them. 

Lou did branch out a bit from the food theme she normally sticks to and made a little volcano (would have been perfect for the concoction challenge).

And I had a little bit of fun with them, too.  I made a Thansgiving turkey (I hope you can tell). 

Have you joined the 30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge?

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