Christmas themed pictionary

I thought I would share one last Christmas activity we did before signing off until after Christmas.  This is something that can easily be pulled out to be worked on while parents are getting things ready for the big day.

For day 14 of the Creative Christmas Countdown, Laura at Art for Little Hands shared three fun drawing games to play with a Christmas theme.  We decided we would try pictionary first.  It was fun to see how each of my girls played along being only 7, 5 and nearly 3.

 I had written down several Christmas-themed words on strips of paper and had the girls take turns drawing them out of a tray.  My 7-year-old could play completely on her own which was fun for her.  I was able to whisper into the other girls' ear what they were supposed to draw. 

I didn't have an easel, but thought it would be fun to roll out our big roll of paper and just play it on the floor.  Each girl took a turn drawing their word while the rest of us guessed.  It was fun to see such a fun variety of drawings. 

We got about half way through the strips taking turns and guessing and then the girls just wanted one new word strip after another to keep drawing without having anyone guess.  It turned out to be a fun night for us. 
One fun thing was to watch Mina draw.  Her first thing to draw was the 3 wise men.  So with every subsequent word, she drew the 3 wise men.  Here she is working on what was her third set of wise men. 

Once we were done we had a lovely sheet of Christmas drawings.  I think I may use some of this for wrapping paper, and save the rest to pull out next year.  

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