It finally snowed- let's play!

There is something magical about snow.  It doesn't matter how many times in a season it snows, kids never seem to lose their fascination with it.  Back in November we got a good snow storm and I was able to capture this small moment of snow play.

It started out on a Saturday afternoon.  The girls were really working together well to get their snowman made.  In fact, there were two snowmen being built.  Lou had her own going while the other two girls and I worked on this one.  I was pretty impressed that Lou would work so hard on her own since she sometimes seems to think the task is too big for her to do alone. 

Maisy began putting the finishing touches on hers and Mina's snowman while Lou was finishing up her (wish I had a picture of Lou's before the following chain of events occurred).

There is a bit of competition between my two older girls, and Maisy decided she would sit down on Lou's snowman.  She may not have liked that Lou had made her own and decided to "squash" the competition. 

Here's what was left of Lou's snowman.  If you look closely, you can see those snowman arms sticking up.

Needless to say, Lou was not thrilled.  Now that I'm writing this in January I can't remember all that ensued after this, but I do remember a huge tantrum.  And a girl who had a hard time forgiving her sister for this one. 

Well, it finally snowed again this Saturday.  The girls once again worked on building a snowman together.  The snow wasn't exactly ideal for packing and rolling, but we all did our best.  When the face wouldn't stay on the snowman and I decided to go inside for a bit, a snowball fight resulted. 

Sometimes these girls can be pretty ruthless with each other, but as I watched them through the window I realized they were actually enjoying this.  Each one was taking part and really having a good time.

You can begin to see the look on Maisy's face though when she began to lose her temper a bit.  I'm not sure if it's because she had noticed that I was watching and taking pictures of this.  She came running up to me after this to tattle on her older sister.  I reminded her how much fun she had been having and she snapped right out of that grumpy mood, luckily.  I wish it was always so easy.

Here's a few more pictures from a couple years back of my two older girls and their snow creations.  I had a huge supply of dum-dums and wanted to get rid of them.  They were so easy to use to decorate the snowman.

Maisy added a plastic bowl to his head and said he was an astronaut.

And Lou made a snow worm.  He is a happy little fella.

Does it snow where you are? What ways do you and your children like to play in the snow?

Here are some fun ideas of  "snow play" without real snow:


  1. Thanks for linking to our sock snowball fight, Brooke!

    I love the idea of using candy to decorate a snowman. Their creations turned out really well.

    1. I love your idea of an indoor snowball fight! Thanks for your nice comment.

  2. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing this at the Outdoor Play Party! And those sisterly squabbles ... *sigh* they're becoming the norm at our house too lately.

    1. Yes, Jane. Most every play time involves some sort of squabble here.



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