Pass the Pigs Balloon Toss

Last week we had our 3 Little Pigs themed play group and ran out of time before playing our game.  I had seen this fun balloon activity from Toddler Approved and adapted it to fit in with our theme.

I drew a pig face on each balloon and made a paddle with a paper plate and craft stick.  However, we quickly ditched the paddle and just started coming up with other ways to play with the balloons.

It was a classic game of  "don't let the balloon touch the floor" as we passed it back and forth between us.  Then we tried to juggle with the balloons.

And then Maisy made up her own game of trying not to use her hands to hit the balloon.  She had a blast bopping it with her head, shoulder, elbows and toes.  I played along and  boy did it wear me out.  I think the best exercise can come from just playing with your kids.

Mina had a fun time just tossing her balloon around and giggling.  Balloons are pretty fantastic.  And it was a great energy burner on top of all the fun.

1 comment:

  1. This looks like great fun! I used to play a similar game with my brothers when I was little. Your pig face drawing is so good!



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