Watercolor Snowflake Resist Art

I had this grand idea {I thought} to use up some old gouache that had been sitting in my art drawer for quite a while.  I bought this gouache several years ago when I actually had time to do a little of my own art.  I was introduced to it in my calligraphy class I took in college.  It is similar to watercolor, but produces a more opaque finish than watercolor. 

I thought we would do resist art snowflakes using electrical tape.  I seem to have an abundance of the stuff lately and have noticed that it doesn't stick to paper very well and might peel off the paper with less damage.

I let the kids put their own tape on so this is how their snowflakes started out. 

Mina did not want to put hers in any particular shape so I just let her do it her way.  And she is loving the color red lately so she only wanted to paint with that color. 

Maisy designed her snowflake shape on her own, I think she based it on the crystal snowflakes we made recently. 

Here's how they looked once the girls were done painting.  We let them dry before peeling the tape off.

The finished products:

Of course, I had to do my own to let my vision of the resist art snowflake become reality.

Do you find yourself participating in your children's art projects?


  1. I sometimes have to do one of my own as well. That's fantastic that you can take a step back and let them do it their way. :) I know first hand how hard that can be sometimes. lol. Great job! They all turned out wonderfully!

  2. Stopping by from Joyce's blog. You guys look like you are having lots of fun. I love this craft...simple and yet beautiful. What could be better?

  3. Great idea to use electrical paint! I love gouache paint.

  4. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who participates in my kids' art projects! Sometimes the kids go in a totally different direction... and I really want at least one 'finished' item! Love the snowflakes, now I know how I can use up some electrical tape too!

  5. I have seen tape resist art at many places but never thought of creating a snow flake.. Beautiful

  6. I love creating art with my daughter! Love this! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us on The Sunday Showcase



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