Cat in the Hat Paper Bag Puppet

Just a quick post to share what my seven-year-old daughter has been working on.  Her book report assignment this month for school is to create a paper bag puppet of your favorite Dr. Seuss character.  She chose The Cat in the Hat {obviously}.  If I had had more than one paper bag around this place we would have definitely done more, but this is what we have now.  I hope to do more soon so we can have some puppet shows.

We started out by cutting construction paper to the measurements of the bag.  I helped her measure and make the appropriate marks on the paper to serve as guiding lines.  She did all the cutting, drew on the face, drew and cut out a bow tie, glued it all to her bag and trimmed the overhanging edges with her scissors.

She added the final touches with a marker and glued on a cute paper mouth.

This guy is ready to act out a scene or two.



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