Finger painting with shaving cream

Last week we did some experimenting with paper bags when we decided to take the Creative Challenge over at TinkerLab.  Before we made our paper bag purses, we actually tried using the paper bag as a canvas for some fingerpainting.

Can you believe we have never fingerpainted in our home?  Well, except once when Lou was 2 (she's nearly 8 now!) .  That was enough for me.  I was a bit too worked up over the mess that was made and have never revisited the technique . . . until now.  But this time I decided we would try tinting some shaving cream with food coloring and use our hands to paint with it.

I cut out our paper shopping bags to fit into some baking trays so we could somewhat contain the mess. The thickness of the paper bags held up well to the moisture of the shaving cream and didn't wrinkle much.

I squeezed out some shaving cream onto the paper bag and added a few drops of color.  Mina was a little apprehensive about putting her fingers in it at first.

Oh, but once she felt the soft and smooth consistency of the stuff she was hooked.

If anything, this was more of a sensory experience than anything.  She had a good time mixing the color throughout the shaving cream.

Maisy was so excited to get her hands into it also.

And soon enough, Lou was home from school and joining in the fun.  They loved mixing the colors together and feeling the soft squish between their fingers.

And working the shaving cream in their hands.  If anything, I can say they ended up with very clean hands that day.

Oh yeah, and they smeared it around on the paper also.

We ended up with a couple of unique pieces of art.

I let them dry over night and then again for another day.  The foamy pictures never really dried completely.  I think the next time we try this, we'll use just a little shaving cream and add paint to it for color {like we've seen from Quirky Momma}.  Then maybe it will dry?  I guess we'll have to see.

Or maybe we can try one of these other fabulous methods:
Swirling paint in the shaving cream and making prints {Little Wonders Days}
Simply playing and drawing in the shaving cream {Keeping Life Creative}
Mixing the shaving cream with glue {Juggling with Kids}

What kinds of art projects have you done with shaving cream?  I can't wait to try something else now that we've gotten our hands into it.  


  1. This is such a fun activity. My girls love to paint with shaving cream too! Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my oh my this looks like too much fun :) I sorta want to paint with it too!

  3. It looks like everyone had great fun!
    I use shaving cream and 2 or 3 colors of ink or acrylic paints to make my own backgrounds on cardstock for hand stamped cards. I spread a layer of shaving cream and then plop drops of ink or paint randomly over the shaving cream. The amount of paint I use depends on how bright or dark I want the background. (more subtle results come from less paint). I then use a very wide tooth comb and make a marbling, figure 8 and 'S' kind of design throughout, making sure I touch on all of the plops of paint. I hang the cardstock up until the paint has dried and then I scrape off the shaving cream. They actually look like works of art!
    I think the scraping step would help your projects to dry.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Mickey. Next time we'll be sure to try those techniques.

  4. Food coloring does not wash off. My kids are stained but had tons of fun (((:



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