Wonderful "worm" paintings

It has been so warm this last week that we have been able to get out into the garden and do a little weeding.  Maisy (age 5) loves to help any way she can, and she was thrilled that she came across an earthworm while helping me out.  She was so tickled by the little fella that when we went to the library the other day we looked for a book about earthworms and came across this one.  It was a fun read and she was amazed at the role these tiny little creatures play in the ecosystem.  

Of course, we needed to do a worm art project also.  I cut a couple pieces of yarn about 12 inches long and put a couple different paint colors onto paper plates.  I got out some brown and orange construction paper to resemble dirt.  The idea was to paint little worms burrowing around in the "dirt" using the yarn.

Mina (age 3) wasn't real interested in the book, but she absolutely loves to paint so she was the first to get started.  Right away she understood how to drag the yarn across the paper to make her worm tracks.
Mina was a little worried about getting messy today.

Maisy on the other hand took a few minutes to understand the idea wasn't to roll up the yarn in a ball and use that as a paint brush.  This is her second painting and she started to give that worm some nice swirls around the paper.

After the girls had made some nice worm paths, I decided we would try another technique with the yarn.  I helped out my daughter's 1st grade class last year with an art project similar to this one.

We took a piece of construction paper and folded it in half the long way.  I had my daughter lay the string on one side of the paper - the curlier the design the better.   Had I been planning this piece of art from the beginning, I would have cut the yarn a bit longer so we could make more curves with the yarn.

I had her leave a small piece of the yarn hanging out the bottom, then we folded the other side over.  I held down the paper while she pulled out the yarn.
This part works much better with 2 hands, but then who's going to take the photo?

Then she opened up the paper and had a fun symmetrical painting on her paper.  We repeated with the second color and this is what we ended up with.
Maisy's on the left and Mina's on the right.

Painting with yarn is something my girls hadn't done before.  I have also seen wonderful worm paintings done by No Time for Flashcards, The Chocolate Muffin Tree, and Share and Remember.
Mina's finished worm painting

What other fun things have you been painting with lately?


  1. My Little M loves worms and painting. This activity is made for her. :)

  2. That looks like fun. I will need to look at getting that book and trying this with my kids. You always have such cute simple fun ideas.

  3. Ohh! I was just thinking that we needed to go on a worm hunt! This would be a great follow up activity. I've pinned for later. :) Thank you for sharing!

  4. Fun fun!! This is one of my favorite activity from my childhood. Love the book you,ve linked.
    We did this last year http://www.puttiprapancha.com/2011/06/painting-with-wool.html



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