Writing a story

Maisy is at the age that she wants to start writing books.  She is learning to read and is so excited about writing and making up her own stories.  I love the simple story lines she and her sister come up with.

What I think I love even more is that Lou and Maisy wanted to work together in writing their stories.  When Maisy writes, she tends to leave out all vowels so it's a little tough for me when she asks me to read it and I have to ask her what it says.  She wanted me to write the words for her, but when Lou came home from school she wanted to be Maisy's scribe.

Here's a glimpse of one of the stories Maisy came up with.  If you can't tell, we are a little obsessed with cats at the moment.

What stories do your kids like to tell? 


  1. Those are great! We love cats right now too. Always. Lol. I actually have a post in draft about R illustrating his own stories. It's a recent development that has just amazed me. Lol. Such great keepsakes!



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