Spring Tulip Paintings

It was my turn this past week to host the weekly playgroup that my 4-year-old Mina participates in.  Spring flowers are finally in bloom, so it was the perfect chance to try out this clever art project I saw on Blog Me Mom.  I quickly showed the kids how I could get some paint on the back of my fork and stamp it onto my paper to make a tulip shape.  I handed them each a fork and a paintbrush (to paint on the stems) and let them have at it.

Each child's artwork was completely unique.  I loved all the extra color and detail one of the girls decided to give her painting.  

And in the end, what all 5 girls had really been dying to do was slather their hands in the wet paint.  I had to hurry and grab a clean sheet of paper to stamp those handprints onto, or else those beautiful spring paintings would have been destroyed!



  1. This is amazing arts. It has been represented by your own art style.
    Thank You,



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