Colorful glue suncatchers

My kids have been begging me for a long time to do this project again.  We did it the first time to make some Halloween decorations, but this time it was a little more of an open-ended project. 

To make glue suncatchers, all you need is:

  • School glue 
  • Food coloring to tint the glue 
  • Wax paper, plastic wrap, or cellophane (make sure all wrinkles are smoothed out)
  • A cookie sheet, so that the creations can easily be transported to a drying spot

To begin, lay out your wax paper (or plastic wrap) on a cookie sheet.  We used wax paper for this project, but it can be a little tough to peel the final product off.  A couple days later, we tried using plastic wrap.  The only problem we had was getting all the wrinkles out, but if you can get it smooth I would say that plastic wrap is the way to go.

To color the glue, add a few drops of food coloring to your glue and shake or squeeze it around in the bottle to mix it up.  It's ok if it's not completely uniform, the color will gradually blend itself in to the white glue.

Maisy started out wanting to use some cookie cutters and fill the shape in with the glue. She was happy with simply filling in the shapes, but once the cookie cutter was removed the edges were smudged a bit.

Since the wax paper is translucent, I thought I could place a simple drawing or block letter outline underneath and the girls would be able to trace it and fill it in. The girls preferred this method since it was easier to create exactly what they wanted to.

Mina was happy making her "M", but was even more thrilled to make her Mickey Mouse head.

Once the art is complete, allow the glue to dry overnight .  The top will feel dry in an hour or two, but to be completely dry and ready to peel off, it will take several more hours or even a full day (or two if the glue applied super thick).   Lucky for us, it was a sunny day and leaving them outside for a few hours worked wonderfully.

Once the glue is completely dry, the figures can be peeled off and strung with a thread and hung on the window, or simply stuck on with some clear tape.


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