Heart butterflies


It's been nearly a year since my 4 year old made these heart butterflies, but they have not been forgotten. Today as Mina and I were planning her upcoming birthday party, she mentioned these butterflies and wants to make them with her friends.

Originally, it was Mina's idea to make these when she saw them in our copy of The Heart Book. The idea was contributed by The Iowa Farmers Wife.  She loved making them because they involved some of her favorite things: hearts, cutting, pasting, and butterflies.

To make these you will need at least 3 colors of construction paper, scissors, a glue stick, markers or crayons, and a pencil.  Mina also used a paint pen at the end to add some decoration.  I began by drawing out 4 varying sizes of hearts on the construction paper, then I let Mina cut and construct her butterfly.

It was fun to watch her follow the example in the book to make her first butterfly, but then style and design her own the second time around.


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