A Minecraft Birthday

Do you have a child that is as crazed over Minecraft as much as my girls are?  My daughter, Maisy, just turned 8 and absolutely had to have a Minecraft theme to her party.  I was thrilled to be able to find these free printable invitations to send out to the guests.  

One thing we absolutely had to have was a Minecraft sword to give as party favors to our guests.  I found this fabulous printable over at All for the Boys to help us with that.  She's got several different versions of the sword ready to print along with easy-to-follow instructions.  We used Mod Podge to adhere the printables to a foam board and were able to craft 14 of these fun blocky swords for the guests.  They were a major hit.   

One minor adjustment I did make to the sword after making the first 3 for my girls and having them play with them, was to reinforce it by adding jumbo craft sticks to the back side before adding the covering.  I just used strong packing tape before adhering the final image to the back of the sword.  I think a paint stick would also work nicely, but I had these craft sticks on hand already.  

The raised area was slightly detectable, but made the sword much more durable.  

Of course the party wouldn't be complete without a creeper cake.  I found this simple idea here.  I loved everything about this cake - the shape was a 9X13 rectangle and the decoration on the cupcakes was rather plain and simple.  Before I added the frosting to the cake, I took a knife and lightly scored a grid into the cake so I could keep track of the squares easily by doing one shade of the green at a time.  Maisy loved it, as did all the party guests.  

Usually I do my kids' birthday parties at home and we do all the traditional party games and a craft, but this time I went for an uncomplicated and less stressful party and we headed to a trampoline park.  I didn't have to worry about games and things to keep the guests entertained, but I have collected a bunch of ideas for going the route over on my Pinterest board.  

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