Road Trip

Road trip season is upon are you going to keep your kids from being "bored" for hours upon hours in the car? This year as we set out I plan on giving my kids each an allotted amount of tickets, then as needed they can use their tickets to "buy" an activity. Some of the things we are planning on doing this year include:

Pipe cleaner creations

Magnetic mosaics

I have found simple cookie sheets to be especially helpful in the car. They are great for these magnetic activities and just about any other project they want to work on while riding in the car. And when it comes to be snack time, they're great for that also. Another plus to cookie sheets is they're so easy to store when the kids don't want anything on their lap.

Scratch art

We haven't tried this yet, but it looks like it would be loads of fun. The one I bought also came with stencils to give their imaginations a kick start. And of course, we will bring along some new coloring books and stickers. Hopefully this will help get us through the 20+ hours I know we will all be spending together in the car.


  1. I love the cookie sheet idea! I am going to use that. And I never thought of pipe cleaner creations for the car. My kids love that -- bendaroos would be good and they could create stuff on the cookie sheets with that.

  2. Great ideas Brookie! I didn't know you started a blog! I'm so excited to read all your fun ideas!

  3. Thanks Brooke! These are great ideas and I love the pipe cleaner idea!

  4. Very cool idea. Check out also these other ideas to keep the kids entertained during travel:



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